Lawxy organised a workshop on Road Safety this week at the National Law University, Delhi which saw discussions around the Safe Systems Approach, sub-standard road design and safe mobility.

Explaining the Safe Systems approach, Vishwam Jindal, Project Core Team, LDP India, mentioned, “Safe Systems is based on the basic premise that human error is inevitable but traffic fatalities and serious injuries are not. The Safe System approach requires a shift in responsibility from the people using roads to the people designing them. It is a systemic approach that integrates core management elements and action areas to create a safe mobility system.”

The two-day workshop was attended by road safety experts, legal professionals and experts from the World Health Organization. This was the second workshop in the program, which aims to build capacity of legal professionals in road safety.

The participants also discussed the Five Pillars of the UN Global Plan for Decade of Action for Road Safety in the Indian context. The categories stressed upon included building road safety management capacity; improving the safety of road infrastructure and broader transport networks; further developing the safety of vehicles; enhancing the behaviour of road users, and improving post-crash response.

A panel discussion discussed the implementation of the Safe Systems Approach through legislative changes especially in the context of the Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill 2017. The participants discussed the need for a shift in the mindset from the traditional ‘rules of the road’ approach to a more holistic and systemic approach. Nishant Bhaskar, Project Core Team, LDP India, said, “Instead of merely relying on public education, training, regulation and enforcement, other variables such as transport governance and planning, road design, and protective road infrastructure must be taken into account.”

The participants also discussed the success of Haryana Vision Zero – a campaign aimed at reducing road incidents in Haryana and Advait Jani from WRI mentioned that the state of Punjab has shown an interest in starting their own programme.

The workshop also discussed a rights-based approach to road safety. Dr. Arun Mohan, Senior Advocate, discussed the role of legislation and law-making in achieving road safety. Sanchit Malhotra, Project Coordinator, LDP India, said, “There is a dire need to have a rights-based approach to road safety,” which was also echoed by Dr. Dinesh Mohan and Dr. Geetam Tiwari.

This initiative is supported by the World Health Organization.

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