World Road Meeting: Fast track intelligent transport system in India, say experts

The urgent need of developing countries like India to expedite the process of building intelligent transport systems was reiterated by experts during the World Road Meeting that was held in Greater Noida this month. An intelligent transport system comprises of advanced technology to improve road safety using real-time information gathered by dedicated cameras, software and

Global road safety advocacy firm offers to make India roads accident free

The menace of road accidents has read to such alarming levels that a global road safety advocacy firm, International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) has expressed willingness to assess Indian roads to determine their risk profiles. FedEx Express, the world’s largest goods transportation company, has decided to support iRAP’s venture in India. The programme will be

Karnataka to ban pillion riding on two-wheelers with engine capacity up to 100 cc

Taking cognizance of the alarming number of deadly road accidents that occur every year, the government is Karnataka is planning to ban pillion riders on two-wheelers that possess engine capacity up to 100 cc. The ban, however, will not affect vehicles already in use. In turn, manufacturers henceforth will have to make sure that two

Government regulations kick in to bring responsible driving on roads

Taking cognizance of the utter disregard for road discipline that is rampant all across India, the Union Road Transport Ministry notified detailed regulations for drivers this September. This is the first time that the Ministry has notified such a comprehensive booklet of norms listing down several Do’s and Don’ts for drivers. The list includes rules